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Androptimizer enables you smooth and effective android cleaning with dynamic optimization. Try Androptimizer to boost and advance your android performance.

Do you want to keep your Android device in a perfect shape?

Give your Android a deep cleaning and optimization with androptimizer

Free-up More Space

Scan for and clean out old, large and hidden files from your Android device.

Optimize Startup Process

Manage start-up programs and login items efficiently to speed-up boot time.

Improve Performance

Tune-up your Android device with deep-cleaning and optimization features.

Boost Your Android Device Performance with a Single Tap!

An all-inclusive maintenance tool to cleanup and optimize your Android devices

Is your Android device running slower day by day? Is your phone memory running out of space? Accelerate your Android performance with Androptimizer. With Androptimizer's advanced features, you can easily scan for old, large files, duplicate contacts, similar media files and other memory-hogging programs on your Android device and delete them to free up more storage space to hyperdrive your Android performance. This lightweight application expertly scans for a variety of junk files to help you delete them and let you have more storage space for new files.

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Why is Your Android Running Slow?

If you notice a sudden decline in your Android performance, it might be due to any of the following:

  • Insufficient storage space
  • Multiple background programs running during the start-up process
  • Certain application errors/bugs or faulty apps
  • Using the old version of Android.

Check Our Awesome Features

If Your Ageing Android Device is Giving Sluggish Performance,
Get Deep Cleaning and Performance Improving with Androptimizer.

System Information

This feature highlights the profile of your device. It shows the information about your Operating System, RAM, Processor, Current Status of Battery Charge, Accessories connected to the device and other system-related information.

Storage Analyzer

Get a visual representation of the total storage space of your Android device, the total amount of space utilized and the total amount of space left. If you're running short of memory space, it's high time that you clean up your device!

App Lock

The App Lock locks and provides security to all your apps as it runs in the background even if the app is closed. App lock comes with a feature of locking both the system and the user app.

Scanning virus

Androptimizer runs a deep cleaning, finds bugs and removes all the unwanted cache files and data.

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An effortless way for optimization and deep cleaning of your Android
Androptimizer does an in-depth scanning of your apps, clears out the cache, malware data, bugs, and expands your storage space. Get complete security of your Android with the in-built app lock feature that comes contemporarily with this app.

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